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FAQs About Pet-Safe Chew Toys

Your dog is compelled to chew, and chew toys are the best way to prevent destructive chewing. However, you need to choose safe chew toys, so your pet doesn’t choke, swallow an inappropriate object, or injure their mouth. Our team at Wales Animal Clinic would like to answer some frequently asked questions concerning pet-safe chew [...]

Thanksgiving Safety Recommendations for Pet Owners

Between the morning parade and the afternoon football games, Thanksgiving’s cornucopia presents many potential hazards for your pet. Our team at Wales Animal Clinic would like to encourage you to follow a few guidelines that will keep your pet safe during the holiday. Please safeguard your pet during the gathering After being unable to gather [...]

Feline Resorptive Lesions: Is Your Cat at Risk?

When your cat turns up their nose at their dry kibble and begs for wet food, you may think they’re simply being picky, when they may actually be suffering from a painful oral condition known as feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORLs). Cats are exceptionally talented at hiding pain or disease, so you may think their [...]

Exotic Pets Need Veterinary Care, Too!

Most pet owners know that cats and dogs benefit from annual wellness visits that consist of a physical exam, vaccinations, preventive care, and screening tests. But, did you know the same level of care is equally important for your exotic pet? While you may think of exotic pets as tigers, lions, and bears, they are [...]

The Perils of Periodontal Disease in Dogs and Cats

If you never brushed your teeth, or only brushed them at the hair salon, your oral health would be in desperate shape. Considering that this scenario is accurate for most dogs and cats, you can easily see why 80 percent show periodontal disease signs by age 3. Don’t let this condition sneak up on your [...]

Image is Everything—The Benefits of Veterinary Ultrasound

When your pet is sick, you want answers quickly, and so do we. One of the quickest and most effective ways to assess an animal’s organ function is imaging the pet with an ultrasound. Veterinary ultrasound is the same technology human medicine uses to gather real-time images of internal structures. Many owners are shocked that [...]

Dental Home Care for Pets

If you neglect your pet’s dental health, the ensuing periodontal disease could lead to serious health issues. Poor dental hygiene is not only a problem for older pets. Eighty-five percent of pets exhibit periodontal disease by age 3. The sooner you start addressing your pet’s oral health, the easier the process will be for you [...]

My Pet Tested Positive for Lyme Disease — I Have Questions

Lyme disease is a debilitating illness that can cause serious issues for your pet. If they test positive, you probably have numerous questions about their condition. Our team at Wales Animal Clinic wants to help ease your mind by answering some common questions about Lyme disease. Question: How was my pet infected with Lyme disease, [...]

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Pet Dental X-rays

Pet owners often wish they could stay with their dog or cat for dental procedures. They wonder about the processes and what they entail. This is understandable. Knowing what therapy or treatment your pet is receiving allows you to be confident and comfortable—and at Wales Animal Clinic, not only do we want to ensure that [...]

Myth vs. Fact: Heartworm Disease and Prevention

Every pet owner has heard of heartworm disease. Most likely, you have stared at a model heart containing a fistful of spaghetti-shaped worms in the veterinary exam room. Maybe you thought, “That won’t happen to my pet, right?” Maybe you had had questions, but were too embarrassed to ask.  Our team at Wales Animal Clinic [...]

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