A Personal Approach

Good medicine is about standards and protocols. Great medicine is about details. Details about your pet’s uniqueness. Their behavior, their physiology, their baseline. Details about what you have noticed, what you want, what causes you anxiety. Here, you will find a partnership. We care, deeply, about your experience owning and loving your pet. About getting to know you as more than a client, but as a friend. You can always trust us to be your pet’s voice. To let you know what they would say if they could speak. To tell you what we would do if they were our pet. And to care for you through thick and thin. Because here, you’re family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Special Team

At our core, we are a passionate team of animal lovers who just happen to be talented veterinary professionals. To us, making sure your pet has the best possible care at all times is not just a job. It is who we are. It is our calling in life. That is why we dedicate ourselves so deeply to our craft. That is why we are always learning, growing, and improving. That is why we think about the little things that will make a difference in your life. Because the bond that you share with your pet is sacred. We’re just here to protect it.

Now, You’re Family

I’m so happy I chose Wales Animal Clinic as my cats veterinary clinic. They are professional, friendly, and take the bets care of my pets!! I love the way all the workers interact with my two cats. I recommend Wales Animal Clinic to anyone looking for a veterinarian clinic.

The staff here go so far above and beyond what you expect. I’m pretty sure my dog gets treated better here than I do at my doctor!! They are friendly and always treat your pet with kindness and respect, all while offering high quality care. I will always recommend this veterinary clinic.


Wales Animal Clinic has the most compassionate, caring staff we have ever encountered in a veterinary clinic. They treat us and our dogs with the utmost respect and care. The entire team is just incredible.