7 Unexpected Ways Veterinarians Help Pets

When considering a veterinarian’s roles, you may envision routine checkups, vaccinations, and treatments for common ailments. However, a veterinarian's work extends beyond these in-clinic, routine tasks. From providing behavioral advice to playing a crucial role in animal husbandry, our veterinarians offer myriad unexpected services that directly benefit your pet companion. Our Wales Animal Clinic team [...]

Menacing Mosquitoes: Understanding Heartworm Disease in Pets

You may be surprised to know that a single mosquito bite can cause heartworm disease in your pet. Heartworm disease is a severe and potentially fatal condition that affects dogs, cats, and other mammals, including, in rare cases, people. Once established in the body, heartworms primarily invade the cardiovascular system, leading to severe complications if [...]

Scratching the Itch: Skin Conditions and Diseases that Affect Pets

From incessant itching to visible rashes, skin disorders in pets are all too common. Understanding these ailments is crucial to maintaining your furry pal’s well-being and quality of life. Our Wales Animal Clinic team explores some common skin conditions affecting pets, shedding light on their causes, treatment, and preventive measures. Skin problems in pets Skin [...]

How to Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Regular ear cleaning is an important part of caring for your pet and preventing problems. Our Wales Animal Clinic team understands the importance of preventive pet care so we provide this guide on proper ear-cleaning methods, help with determining when a veterinary visit is necessary, and how to help your furry pal avoid ear infections. [...]

Look Closer: Common Eye Diseases in Pets

The eyes are considered the windows to the soul—you know that’s true every time you look into your pet’s eyes. Unfortunately, those beautiful eyes are susceptible to various eye diseases that all pet owners should know about. Therefore, Wales Animal Clinic explains eye diseases and injuries, including signs, causes, and treatment, to ensure you can [...]

Optimal Dental Health: A Guide for Pet Owners

Dental health is an essential aspect of pets’ overall well-being. Responsible pet owners always look for ways to improve their four-legged friends’ health and happiness, and one of the best ways is proper dental care, because, unfortunately, too many dogs and cats suffer from dental issues that impact the quality of their lives. Wales Animal [...]

Furry Friends and Finances: Navigating the Cost of Pet Ownership

Owning a pet is extremely rewarding, but it also comes with a significant financial commitment. Our Wales Animal Clinic team wants to ensure you are prepared to care for your four-legged friend, and we detail the various costs associated with pet ownership.  Average yearly cost of pet ownership Pets come in a variety of species [...]

Paws for Thought: Health Signs You Should Never Ignore in Pets

Certain physical and behavioral changes can indicate your pet has a serious health condition. Our Wales Animal Clinic team wants your pet to receive the care they need, and we explain what signs mean your four-legged friend needs veterinary attention.  Recognizing your pet’s ‘normal’ The best way to identify any changes that might be cause [...]

5 Questions for Determining the Best Pet for Your Family

As veterinary professionals and animal lovers, the Wales Animal Hospital team values pets not merely as companions, but as full-fledged family members. As such, the search for your next pet should consider not only your family’s wants and needs but also those of the potential pet.   Here are five questions that can help guide your [...]

Sniffle, Sneeze, Meow: Feline Respiratory Infections

Feline respiratory infections are one of the most common reasons why owners bring their cats to Wales Animal Clinic. Unlike other feline illnesses that can be difficult to identify, cats with respiratory infections display obvious signs, such as sneezing, coughing, and eye and nasal discharge. Left untreated, cats can suffer from respiratory distress, appetite loss, [...]

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