A Nose-to-Tail Makeover: At-Home Pet Grooming Tips

When your pet looks good, they feel good. Pet grooming provides many benefits that positively impact your pet's overall health and wellbeing. While professional grooming services are sometimes needed, you can easily perform basic grooming tasks at home. However, you may be new to at-home grooming and unsure how to begin. Our Wales Animal Clinic [...]

Common Pet Toxins and Safety Tips

When your pet needs protection from common toxins, your knowledge is power. You likely keep many common pet-toxic products in your home, but do not realize the significant dangers they pose to your pet. Therefore, our Wales Animal Clinic team is sharing information about common household products toxic to pets—information that could save your cat [...]

Special Senior Pets Deserve Special Care

By the time your pet becomes a senior citizen, you two know and love each other deeply, having formed a solid unique bond, and created fond memories after years of fun and adventure. Your senior pet has likely shared many of your most meaningful milestones, and you cannot imagine having experienced these moments if your [...]

Exotic Pet Care 101

Although cats and dogs continue to be the most popular pets by the numbers, some people prefer a companion who is slightly more exotic. Exotic pets, such as lizards, snakes, birds, and rodents, are becoming increasingly more common. Like cats and dogs, exotic pets require proper nutrition, enrichment, an appropriate living environment, and regular veterinary [...]

How to Add Quality Years to Your Pet’s Life

As a pet owner, you likely feel some sadness when you consider your pet’s far-too-short life expectancy. While you can’t predict the amount of time your beloved pet will have with you, make the most of the time you have together. By putting healthy habits in place now, you help ensure your pet can live [...]

4 Common Pet Behavior Problems—and Solutions

While you may take your pet’s bad behavior—such as chewing the couch or eliminating on your bed—personally, keep in mind that they mean no ill will. In fact, the ethics behind pets’ naughty choices are nothing they themselves consider. Still, your pet’s problem behaviors indicate something is amiss, and before you can take the necessary [...]

How to Care for Every Part of Your Brachycephalic Pet

You may not be familiar with the term “brachycephalic,” but you would certainly be able to pick a brachycephalic pet out of a lineup. Those adorable, snorting, smushed-faced dogs and cats—you know who we’re talking about—are classified as brachycephalic, a Greek word that literally means “short head.” Now it makes sense, doesn’t it?  Brachycephalic breeds [...]

Intervertebral Disc Disease in Pets

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a common neurologic condition in pets that can cause extreme pain and mobility issues without timely, appropriate, treatment and management. Any pet can develop IVDD, although the condition occurs more often in dogs than cats, and in certain breeds. Learn more about this painful condition from our team at Wales [...]

Guidelines to Assess Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

Is your senior pet enjoying life? This is a critical question to answer to ensure your pet doesn’t suffer. As your pet ages, they are at higher risk for serious health complications that can negatively affect their quality of life. Our Wales Animal Clinic team wants to offer some guidelines to help you assess your [...]

4 Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

You’ve bought your turkey, planned your sides, and sent out your guest invitations, but have you made preparations to keep your pet safe this Thanksgiving? Many aspects of the holiday can be dangerous for pets. Our Wales Animal Clinic team wants to offer some pet safety tips to help you avoid a veterinary visit during [...]

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