Myth vs. Fact: Heartworm Disease and Prevention

Every pet owner has heard of heartworm disease. Most likely, you have stared at a model heart containing a fistful of spaghetti-shaped worms in the veterinary exam room. Maybe you thought, “That won’t happen to my pet, right?” Maybe you had had questions, but were too embarrassed to ask.  Our team at Wales Animal Clinic [...]

Protect Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

By 3 years of age, most pets have periodontal disease to some degree. Bad breath is not the only repercussion of poor oral health. The team at Wales Animal Clinic wants to explain what a professional dental cleaning entails, and how your pet can benefit. Is periodontal disease problematic for my pet? Neglecting your pet’s [...]

Make Year-Round Flea and Tick Prevention a Priority for Your Pet

You may be tempted to discontinue your pet’s flea and tick preventive during the colder months to save a little money, but this practice can backfire if your pet becomes ill from a disease caused by these parasites. While flea and tick activity decreases as the temperature drops, the pests are not entirely inactive, and [...]

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