Top 5 July Fourth Hazards for Pets and How to Avoid Them

Nothing is better during the summertime than a mouthwatering cookout, awe-inspiring fireworks display, and refreshing dip in a swimming pool. While all these “best of” summertime activities can be combined into one July Fourth event, this day of celebration is best left to two-legged participants. Your four-legged friend should remain safe, secure, and comfortable indoors [...]

When Urinary Problems Become Deadly: Urethral Blockages in Cats

A urinary tract infection is never comfortable, but for a cat who cannot urinate, the pain associated with an inflamed urinary tract may be the least of their problems. A urethral obstruction, or urinary blockage, can be life-threatening for cats, so cat owners must know the signs. What is feline lower urinary tract disease? Feline [...]

Itchy, Allergic Pets

Allergies in pets typically manifest as extreme itchiness, as opposed to respiratory signs. Pets can suffer from several allergy types, but many can be managed and potentially avoided. Our team at Wales Animal Clinic wants to provide information about pet allergies, to help you know if your pet is affected. Flea allergies in pets Flea [...]

6 Tips to Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

Taking steps to protect your pet from heartworm disease is important, because these parasites cause significant damage to your pet’s heart and lungs, with potential life-threatening consequences. Our team at Wales Animal Clinic wants to help by providing tips to protect your pet from these dangerous parasites. #1: Know how heartworms are transmitted in pets [...]

5 Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know (But Should)

Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the globe. As pet owners, we naturally want to learn as much as we can about this loveable species. As a dog lover, you may know the basics, but your furry friend likely has complex feelings and some unique physical characteristics that you do not know [...]

Common Pet Toxins: Inside and Outside the Home

You try hard to protect your pet by keeping them up to date on their vaccinations, bringing them in for their regular wellness examinations, and giving year-round flea and tick prevention. But, as good as your intentions may be as a pet owner, trouble still could be lurking in your home, garage, or garden. Each [...]

What Should I Do if My Pet Has a Seizure?

Watching your pet have a seizure is one of the most heart-wrenching pet owner experiences—you may feel simultaneously charged with adrenaline and paralyzed by fear. Whether your pet has a history of seizures, or has never had a seizure before, knowing how to respond can help you and your pet stay safe during this frightening [...]

3 Keys to Pet Dental Health

Can your pet’s breath clear a room? Do chew toys run from your dog? Does your pet’s mouth resemble a cave you toured during an elementary school field trip? Sounds like it’s time for a dental check-up at Wales Animal Clinic.   Dental health is about more than superficial smiles and white teeth—dental care affects your [...]

Veterinary Overload: Understanding Current Challenges in the Veterinary Industry

Whether you are a first time pet owner, or navigating your four-legged companion’s gray muzzle years, you have likely experienced the frustration of a delayed veterinary care appointment. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected operations across all industries, and the veterinary profession is no exception. Since the beginning of 2020, the veterinary industry has experienced [...]

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